johnebaker wrote on 1/11/2021, 12:53 PM


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. . . . Audio Technica turntable connected to my PC with USB . . . . Why am I getting a loud hiss instead of the record playing? . . . .

This would suggest that the Pre-amplifier selector switch on the turntable is not in the correct position - the signal is not being routed to the pre-amp - check it is set to Line.


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Josef-Schoell wrote on 1/11/2021, 3:08 PM

Thanks John,

I kept at it and found it. With the microphone settings I right clicked on the microphone icon and disabled it.

It seems both the USB microphone from the turntable and the separate PC microphone was being connected which caused the hiss / buzz.

I had previously tried the pre-amp switch on the turntable, that did nothing.

Josef-Schoell wrote on 1/18/2021, 2:36 PM

I am converting all my LPs to MP3 files, Why do I get echoing while Sound Forge 14 is recording the LP. Once I run restoration etc. it sound just like the album. Do I have setting set incorrectly? I am new to this. The end product MP3 sounds fabulous!

rraud wrote on 1/18/2021, 3:17 PM

@Josef-Schoell In SF Pro 14, go to "View> Record options" Set Monitor to 'Off ' or 'Auto'