Magic Music Maker 17 Downloader/Installer hang/crashes

michmaar wrote on 11/15/2010, 1:27 PM

I actually managed to install the software by the download/install manager. I used about 6 hours before it worked. It crasshed all the time doring the download fase. I disabled firewall/antivirus but that did not help. But now it is installed. The next point is to download/install the free/bonus material using the menu help/update program/update functions/download Free synthesizer and sound package....

I have now tried about 10 times and it seems to use the same download/install manager that was used for installing the software - BUT STILL IT HANG ALL THE TIME....


I am running it on Windows7 pro x64


nihon94 wrote on 11/15/2010, 3:51 PM



I am sorry to say  Maigx Music Maker and windows 7, they seems always fight each other. I have read those who use Windows 7 face problem.


First of all

Did you get this download manager from Magix if not then do not use during installation.

Also note if you can see the total MB of files size of installation file after downloading. If it matches the MB then it is fully downloaded.

During installation or download do not run any software even email, messenger etc.

Do not repeat download unless you clear your browser cookies and history restart computer after few minutes. Then try please.


Though you use MMM 17 I had made a Pdf tutorial for MMM 16 Premium I am sure method will be same I suggest just take a look once you might learn some thing then continue on your mission to install.


How to upgrade MMM 16 & install MMM 16 Premium download version? and How to add MMM 16 Premium extra packages


still need help send message.


Thank you




michmaar wrote on 11/16/2010, 1:23 AM

I got the download manager from Magix when I bought the software. That was the first thing I downloaded.

Then I started the "MAGIX Installation Manager" and startet the download of the main software. sometimes it went 4% 17% 50% 83% and then the download/install manager crashed/hung and I had to start all over. At last it downloaded 100% and the installation goes OK.

It is the download/install manager that has the problem - not the installation of the software (that is fine).