Magix-Activation code not sent

countryangels wrote on 6/8/2013, 3:35 AM

I am here in desperation.

Problem is: No activation code sent. I paid for programme twice by mistake as first time it appeared not to work. hope I can find somewhere to get a refund.

After downloading twice. Still no email activation code sent.   Bought Magix via a 'special deal' Xara email.

Windows 7



Former user wrote on 6/8/2013, 4:45 AM

Take a picture of the reciept and dvd cover. 1st thing.

Please, check the spam/junk/trash folders in your email program. 2nd thing.

contact magix as soon as possible.3rd thing.

forward a copy of your picture to magix to prove you have purchased it. 4th thing.

All though any order would be just as good.

but contact magix first..

Maybe it's a problem with the server, these things do happen.

Please contact customer support and get this checked.




Former user wrote on 6/9/2013, 7:40 AM

Nothing apart from my bank account proof of purchase..

please send your message you sent me to magix.

send the message as many times as you can.

they will get back to you.

it has happend to me twice and it took a while and several HUNDRED copy and pasted messages before i got my purchase correct.

magix are at fault and your have 100 percent law on your side here.

they have failed to deliver the goods promised to you.

Yet you can fight back if you know your rights. You may even be able to force compensation for the lost time. The aim's to be reasonable, but with our sometimes rotten delivery culture, we need to start to make them understand there could be consequences when they fail to, er, deliver. Then hopefully standards will improve.

Former user wrote on 6/9/2013, 7:43 AM

“The Fair Trading Act prohibits false and misleading information being provided to consumers. That means all businesses – real or virtual – need to ensure that the information they give customers is accurate about all aspects of their product or service,”

contact magix and if it fails please contact your local citizen advice center.

it may sound extreme but if magix fail to do what they promise you need to step up a few gears and inform them what your going to do.


countryangels wrote on 6/9/2013, 10:59 AM

Thank you so much, again, Macca.


I am losing heart here.I did find a Magix UK number within their PDF Manual. Looks like a London number. I may try that on Monday.

Though, I thought I did see somewhere within the manual that you have to pay for a ticket to phone £9.99 ? Surely this must be wrong.

I have gone back into the manual trying to find the sentence. At the moment not found it, but will keep trying.

I will try bombarding them with my original messages.

I willk also have another go at Xara. After all it was Xara that gave me the original link.

Can't believe today, Magix set me a welcome email with £10 voucher. All I want is to get the activation code & one of my purchases refunded. Then I will be a happy bunny.

Oh!!! got another email from Magix.Saying as a registered user I have access to the FREE suport area.

Well!!! fancy that now.


Former user wrote on 6/10/2013, 7:09 AM

my advise to you is simply DO NOT send any bank details.

plz go se your local adivce center if you able to do so.

inform magix your doing this as there simple ignoring your SIMPLE request.

i to have had this problem with activation codes.

i have mm2013 as i prize i won on here.

problem is i cant update it unless i state where i BOUGHT IT.

i have many many emails sent back and forth saying i won it on magix so i cant upgrade unless i tell them where i bought it from.

its like no matter what you do with magix there always going to be fuzzy and not follow simple requests.


keep all the prove of puchase and take that aswell.

with any luck you will recieve your code or your money back.

magix seem to care very little for there own customers which is counter productive.



Former user wrote on 6/10/2013, 7:11 AM

countryangels wrote on 6/18/2013, 2:51 AM

Thank you for all who tried to help me resolve my problem re-no activation code.

I have decided to uninstall Magix. I was sorry to do this but if I can't use the programme what's the use of it.

I have eventually received one of my purchase payments back. The other I will have to put down to experience.

There was no answer to my query. I discovered the payment in my account when logging on to the bank.

Last week I copied & pasted part of the bank statement which was relevant. Sent it. But got yet another ticket number. But no reply. I have done with this now. A bad experience with not only Magix but Xara too. .