Magix Acud Studio 11 ...problem with the latest update

moh-nia7311 wrote on 12/1/2022, 7:41 AM

Its almost a month now,I purchased Acud Studio 11.

Iam struggling to update the Magix Acid Studio 11, looking for Magix technical Support email for help ..

Able to download the update, but cannot install...says has some problem with Microsoft c++ 2013..

I don't have much computer knowledge..

Its sad company like Magix has no direct email for technical support to help its customers.

Hope somebody help me solve this update issue..






SP. wrote on 12/1/2022, 7:54 AM

@moh-nia7311 This problem can usually be solved if you open Windows Apps and Features and uninstall the C++2013 Redistributables. The ACID installer will reinstall them again (an older version).

Then make a search for Windows updates so the older C++2013 Redistributables get updated. Or download and install the newest version manually from Microsoft.