Jess_B-2014 wrote on 6/9/2024, 11:58 PM

Program won't open,  Acid Pro 11 Suite (x64) ....It's randomly started saying email error.. Email error Code - 24

Worked fine, went for lunch brake, came back 25min later and wouldn't not reopen.... All same day, just stopped opening...

Waited a week before writing this, in hope was a long update an would fix itself.. It did not.. I did nothing different. Same thing keeps popping up. I've been registered for 2 years.. My purchase upgrade made 2 years ago, would trace me back 10 years total with ACID BASED PROGRAMS & MAGIX.... 10 years, with you all..

I'm no rookie.. MAGIX IS MESSING WITH ME. I am trying to send an email to the support team.. NO HELP, Just misguidance..


I have my program Receipts Codes & Data in reflection with proper emails and everything need to show, and then more for proof, but I'm getting nothing but the run around and mis guided when my work is bein effected fully..

The lack of assistance is causing me revenue lose. This is not the first problem with MAGIX, I also have kept proof of this..

I keep all logs, this is very disappointing. I want assistance to get my program running smoothly again... Ideally, given in disk format, to avoid this terrible service placed upon, this is extremely unprofessional and very logged reflecting MAGIX neglect..


MAGIX - Contact me by email. PLEASE. Ideally, sometime Before I'm forced to look at this as ongoing racism by your company....


SP. wrote on 6/10/2024, 3:02 AM

@Jess_B-2014 This isn't Magix support. This a user forum and we are users like you. Magix support staff isn't active in the forum.

I suggest the following: visit and log into your customer account. Go to your products, select Acid, open the details and deactivate the installation. Then open Acid again. The activation window should appear, where you can enter the e-mail address and serial number.

Jess_B-2014 wrote on 6/14/2024, 12:38 AM

Thanks for responding to this hectic post of mine😁. Yeahhh, I'm sadly very aware of the location it was posted. Reason it was posted here was for TOTAL sight aspect, either it be by other creators like myself or ideally, Magix employees...

ANYWAYS - Fully agreed with you & that is what I am trying to essentially do. Yet - using same email & password - I've used for many years.... Out of nowhere, it would not re-open Program decided to say various things.. Wrong email / it's already activated / error- (code 24) contact support..

The email I use to link it all, is definitely correct.. My purchase receipts even show, that the email associated was always the correct one.... Let's say, Magix switched my login to that of my substitute email ---- randomly.... They wouldn't, but still let's imagine they did...... Well, I still know my details, to login in.. I CANNOT.. 😔

MAGIX IS BEING WEIRD. I've tried to reset password to gain entry to my own account.

Magix would not email me any links - to coordinate back into my profile.. Just brushing me off fully.


This account i write write from now. Is a new one, which i had to create, just to address this matter. As without an account, one gets no help.. My case, it seems even with account(s), receipts and data - visuals, I get no help..

Likely just need a link sent to me. It's grown kind of sad, how Magix.... Simply, just won't reply.


---- I thank you for doin such though, truly!

SP. wrote on 6/14/2024, 3:07 AM

@Jess_B-2014 Either it's a technical problem on Magix' side or someone got access to your account and changed the e-mail and passwords or this is social engineering and you try to get access to someone's else account. I hope not it's the last case.

You need to contact customer support at and you need to find a way to identify yourself as the real owner of that account. Support can then change the e-mail address and password so you can get back into it.

johnebaker wrote on 6/14/2024, 3:57 AM



. . . . This account i write write from now. Is a new one, which i had to create, just to address this matter. As without an account, one gets no help. . .

Is the email address used to register Acid the same one as you used to create the account your are posting here with?

If not, you need to include the email address that you used to register the software .

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Jess_B-2014 wrote on 6/14/2024, 1:35 PM

@SP. Fully agreed. I have numerous ways to show I am who I am, and link everything in relation back to myself.. Really hope I actually get a response soon from MAGIX by email. Been a while now, still nothing....


@johnebaker The email address which the account was made with and program registered / purchased linked too is NOT THE SAME EMAIL - as I write with now..

I included the proper info and other email, in my submissions and have much more I can show if needed.


The current problem has been MAGIX not given me the luxury of email response, to provide accordingly with access recovery. I keep all logs, data, receipts, and that which is needed to reflect myself in full, with all areas.