MAGIX_Editors wrote on 3/5/2013, 6:52 AM

We want your music – and we want it throughout March! We want to hear it, we want to move to it and we want to vote for it in our MAGIX MUSIC MADNESS competition. By no means do we want to convince you that you have no talent for music – we leave that to the music teachers! Remembering my own schooldays, it seems that the music educators main purpose was to tell me in direct words, how pointless my passion for music was. Given the fact that in their view I had no talent whatsoever. This evaluation didn‘t harm my love for music at all, but it did obstruct my willingness to try, if only it was possible to transform my love for it into a talent with which I actually could make music. Surely, I was not an isolated case and it needed a technological evolution to change this situation once and for all – the release of the first Music Maker.

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