SP. wrote on 10/12/2023, 5:47 PM

@Khairi-Issa Keeps dropping? What does that mean.

What's your operating system?

Khairi-Issa wrote on 10/12/2023, 5:55 PM

I am on windows 10 home

After I get the download link from the website, I run the .exe and set my language to English. Right after that, the installer appears showing at 0% for a split-second before closing without any error messages or notifications.

Here is a snapshot of the installer just before it closes itself:

SP. wrote on 10/12/2023, 6:13 PM

@Khairi-Issa It might be crashing because of Windows Defender or the Antivirus. The restrictions tightened a lot since 2013. Maybe they are trying to prevent the download of the exe file.

Have you tried to disable it temporarily?

Khairi-Issa wrote on 10/12/2023, 6:23 PM

I was hoping that would do the trick, but I disabled my windows defender and it didn't have an effect on the problem. Afterwards, I tried to add the installer .exe through the firewall, but no luck either

SP. wrote on 10/12/2023, 6:45 PM

@Khairi-Issa The only other idea I have is to set the downloader to Windows 7 compatibility mode.

You could also try to install a virtual machine, for example Vmware Player, with Windows 7 and run the downloader there. If it downloads the installer, simply copy the installer from Windows 7 to your Windows 10.

If this doesn't help you need to ask customer support at for a direct download link.

Khairi-Issa wrote on 10/12/2023, 6:54 PM

Unfortunately accessing the download from my older device (windows 7) did not work either. Thank you for your time and patience, I will move on to ask for a direct download link.

All the best,

Khairi Tamim Issa

SP. wrote on 10/12/2023, 7:18 PM


Unfortunately accessing the download from my older device (windows 7) did not work either.

Have you checked C:\Users\YourWindowsUsername\Documents\MAGIX Downloads\Installationsmanager ?

tmab wrote on 12/6/2023, 6:34 AM

I have the same problem, I recently tried to install Magix Music Maker 2013 Premium in order to open some old projects, but the installer crashes directly after the download starts.

I assume this happens because the installer tries to download files that no longer exist. In a third-party software that lets you monitor ongoing internet connections, one can see that immediately before the crash, three requests to magix servers (IP addresses and in my case) on ports 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS) are answered with TCP-RST ("Reset") which, if I'm not mistaken, is sent by a server to abort a connection. After these requests there are no further requests to the same IP addresses, so I assume no further communication takes place.

If my assumption is true, there probably is no way that one can fix this by themself. @Khairi-Issa Did you get an answer from customer support?

SP. wrote on 12/6/2023, 6:45 AM

@tmab Have you tried to completely disable your firewall, antivirus or Windows Defender temporarily? Maybe it crashes because the downloader gets blocked by them.

I cannot test this, but I think it would be odd that the download server simply was shut down.

You can also try to monitor the network traffic with Wireshark. It can find the complete address the downloader wants to access, not only IP address.

Usually customer support should respond in a couple of days.

emmrecs wrote on 12/6/2023, 8:01 AM

@Khairi-Issa @tmab

I suspect the root of this problem is the fact that download security protocols have been changed substantially since MM 2013 was released, potentially 11 years ago.

I will tag @johnebaker into this since he has much greater knowledge of this situation than I have.

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johnebaker wrote on 12/6/2023, 2:24 PM



Assuming you are running Windows 10 or 11 then check these Internet protocols are enabled:


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tmab wrote on 12/13/2023, 10:33 AM

Hi, sorry for my late answer and thanks for your help. Unfortunately, none of the suggestions worked for me, I enabled all the internet protocols mentioned in the previous post, restarted my computer, then temporarily disabled my antivirus and also the firewall but the installer still crashes when the download starts.

SP. wrote on 12/13/2023, 11:01 AM

@tmab I sent you a private message.

SP. wrote on 12/13/2023, 6:36 PM

@tmab I tried the downloader and yes, it looks like the download is no longer available and then the downloader crashes. See here:

So, you also need to contact customer support at and ask them for a direct download link.