Magix Music Maker and what is allowed?

vivekkulal wrote on 1/21/2020, 7:09 AM

hello, i just bought the new humble bundle, and i'm pretty new to this stuff, and i got a little worried about rules and such when it comes to releasing a piece of music on let's say a youtube channel. 3 bhk flats in thane my questions are as follows. flats for sale in mumbai

i can just release my creations for free w/o any trouble regardless of the sounds i've used, as long as i don't make money off of it? prabhadevi apartment mumbai

if the above is correct, wouldn't people just undermine that by releasing the music for free and have a donation thingy? real estate marketing consultants

i guess those are my only 2 questions for now, mby more wi

ll arrive as i get into it more. flats for sale in keshav nagar pune


CubeAce wrote on 1/21/2020, 1:06 PM

It always pays to go through the end user license agreements of any software bought to find the limitations of use.

Samples and loops normally have copyright but you can get commercial licenses at additional cost on most.

Any material found on You Tube that has a copyright against it could cost you your You Tube channel being removed. Again it's worth looking through and understanding You Tube's terms and conditions. A lot of You Tube videos will have copyright claims against them stopping any monetization from the video. At worst you could be taken to court. At best you may have to take down the offending video or if allowed, keep it up but not earn from it.

Producing anything for upload consumerism is a legal minefield and needs study.

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