Making a medley of Beatmapped songs

robert-millard wrote on 4/15/2017, 8:46 AM

I want to make a medley of my guitar solos. They are all on different beatmapped tracks with different tempos. They play too fast or too slow unless they are the tempo of the project. How would I accomplish this? I am using Acid Music Studio 9.


marty-baggen wrote on 4/16/2017, 9:25 AM

I am only familiar with Acid Pro and I'm presuming that Beatmapper is similar with Music Studio.

The most direct approach is to turn Beatmapper off in your new project and import rendered versions of your solos.

If you want Beatmapper acttive in the new project, I believe you can sort of make it a mathematical process.

If your new project is say,... 120BPM, and you bring in your first guitar solo. If you know the its original BPM, let's say it was 100BPM.... if you make that adjustment (the difference between 120 and 100BPM) in the BPM of the solo's Beatmapper effect, you can have your solos playback at 120BPM of your project, but adjusted to their original tempo.

Be sure to select the best method for time-stretching.