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Whalebat wrote on 1/16/2012, 2:49 AM

Edit 4-2-2012

Administrator Email has prompted me to rephrase my question.

Unfortunately I can't see any other way to rephrase it.

So it will need to go unaswered, Only the Magix programers know what's going on!

Or do they?


Original Question Below

When executing a screen recording I set the quality to MXV:PAL.

Adjust the recording Frame to the area size of the screen I want to record.

When I stop the screen recording and edit the recorded section and the go back into screen recording

the quality indicates MEP: user Defined.

If I ignore the setting and leave it on MEP: User Defined and start recording, I do not need to readjust the recording frame.

If I reselect MXV:PAL, I then need to readjust the screen recording Frame.


In previous versions once selected, MXV: PAL remained displayed in the dropdown.

Although now MPEG: User Defined is displayed, the recording behaviour is the same as if MXV:PAL is selected and I do not need to re-size the recording area frame.

Shouldn't MXV:PAL remain displayed in the dropdown box until I change it?

It would also make me wonder what Quality is being used as I would have thought if I am using the same quality there should be no need to resize the Frame.

You need to try a screen recording then edit and then follow with another screen recording all in the same project to understand what I mean.

See Image

What am I overlooking?





johnebaker wrote on 2/4/2012, 6:34 PM

Hi Whalebat

By resizing the screen area being captured your are creating a user defined recording - this you can see in the images you posted.

MXV: PAL  is 768 * 576 and your recording is 720 * 576.  Hence when your reselect MXV:PAL it reverts to the default 768 * 576.

Why the extra 48 pixels over DVD resolution is a mystery!!!



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Whalebat wrote on 2/4/2012, 7:48 PM

Hello John

Ah, ..... I overlooed the fact that I resized the captured area.

I was comparing it with MEP 16 Plus.... and it would just stay at MXV: PAL



terrypin wrote on 2/25/2012, 2:11 AM

Hi Whalebat,

Re your PM (which seems to have got zapped somehow now!) I'm sorry I can't help. I don't use MEP's own capture facility, preferring my old but reliable and intuitive CamStudio.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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