MEP & VPX with Pixelan SpiceMaster and CreativeEase Plugins - Updates

browj2 wrote on 5/15/2019, 5:52 PM

Pixelan has updated 2 of its plugins that work with Movie Edit Pro and Video Pro X, SpiceMaster and CreativeEase. The main update was a change making the user interface much larger. This makes the 2 programs much more user-friendly as the preview window was far too small.

I played around with some titles using some of the modules of CreativeEase today and may do a tutorial on how to use these with titles, if anyone is interested. There have been users on this forum asking about having a background with a title to make it stand out better than just the title on the background. This is quite simple to do in CreativeEase...when you know how. Here are a couple of quick examples:

I combined CreativeEase with RiseShine for the next one.

Of course, everything can be modified. The background grain and colour can be changed and keyframed.

There is a lot more to the CreativeEase modules than just creating effects on titles, so take a look at the information and videos on the Pixelan site.

To see how I use SpiceMaster, see my tutorials under the Tutorials tab of this forum. Here is a link to the first one about SpiceMaster for transitions.

You can try out the Pixelan plugins by downloading the trial version from the Pixelan site. You'll get an X across the image until you purchase it.

John CB


emmrecs wrote on 5/16/2019, 4:17 AM


Hi John.

Thanks for this post. I must visit the Pixelan site and check out which versions of the plug-ins I need to update!


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browj2 wrote on 5/16/2019, 8:11 AM


Hi Jeff,

I failed to point out that there is a discounted update price to go to Version 3 of SpiceMaster and CreativeEase. These two had the small user interface, along with Pixelan 3D SixPack, so I don't expect the other modules to be updated in the same way. 3D SixPack could use an update along with some controls to fine-tune the transition effects, but I expect that that would be a major overhaul.

Pixelan wisely left the old version untouched and any effects that were already done with the old version will still open with the old version. The new effects show up with the prefix CE3 for Creative Effects. I haven't installed the updated SpiceMaster yet.

John CB