MEP vs Photostory Deluxe

Margaret-Keckler wrote on 1/17/2020, 1:14 PM

Good morning... I just bought Photostory Deluxe and started reading the forum posts. I "may" (still undecided) be adding video clips to a wedding slideshow. I've watched a few tutorials here on this site and the author has consistently mentioned that MEP may be a better product to use with video clips.

My project will be primarily photos... but might have some video clips that will be shot with a combo of GoPro and Smartphone. Can MEP still do a slideshow with only photos, or does it only work with video? I may switch over based on input.



johnebaker wrote on 1/17/2020, 1:24 PM



. . . . Can MEP still do a slideshow with only photos, or does it only work with video? . . . .

You can mix video and images in both Photostory and MEP.

Terminology between the 2 programs has some differences - a Photostory project is called a SlideShow, in MEP it has no specific designation as such.

I would advise you to download the trial version of MEP and test it, IIRC you have 14 days in which to change your mind and get a refund on Photostory if you prefer MEP.

Do note that the trial version of MEP is limited in the functions, features, supported video formats and extras available and is also limited to export 3 mins of video. These restrictions are removed on purchase.

If you decide to go with MEP then I would advise you get the Plus or Premium version, look at the comparison of what you get with the program on the Magix website.


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Margaret-Keckler wrote on 1/17/2020, 4:08 PM

I'll get trial and test it out! Thanks, I appreciate it.