Midi Altered that screwed the volume but ONLY AFTER its been exported

wagstar wrote on 4/19/2019, 5:33 PM

I programmed a midi bass line which when exported was fine, everything worked as it should, but i wanted to alter the 8 bars of the intro, so I went back into music maker and changed it a little bit but altered NOTHING else, JUST a couple of midi notes, then after exporting it again and had a listen the intro is very crisp and at a decent volume but after the intro the whole song drops noticeably in volume, I even went as far as resetting the mastering fader and remastered it but it still does the same thing, but oddly enough when you play it back IN Music Maker there are no volume dips at all, it only happens after it has been exported to my desktop, has anybody else had this issue, and if so how did you fix it please? Hopefully i won't have to start all over again. Thank you.


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