Midi controllers

robert-millard wrote on 11/5/2018, 6:31 PM

I just bought Acid Music Studio 10, been using AMS for years. I had an M-Audio keystation midi controller, but I'm wondering if any of the controllers that offer DAW integration would work with AMS 10. In particular I am looking at the Nektar G series and L series. But if anyone has a recommendation of a MIDI controller that integrates well with AMS 10, I would love to know. Thanks.


Will-Kenworthy wrote on 11/8/2018, 2:32 PM

I use Acid Pro 8, but I checked out Acid Music Studio's features & tried unsuccessfully to find a manual so I could find some answers for you. AP 8 has extensive MIDI controller capability and it seems that AMS 10 should as well.

In the feature list for AMS 10, "Keyboard mapping" is listed as a feature as well as several other MIDI features. While AMS 10 doesn't have the "External control surface channel tracking" feature which allows control of track volume and panning from a controller in AP 8, MIDI functionality and VSTi control should work. It requires a simple setup in the "Controllers" tab of Preferences (Generic Controller within AP 8) but should allow you to record MIDI events and use the "MIDI learn" feature within your various VSTi instrument plugins.

Repeating the fact that I myself haven't used AMS 10, and that I am an AP 8 user. So I can't say for sure. However I would download and install the trial version which would allow you to check it out if you can. I understand you are inquiring about specific MIDI controllers. I did look at the Nectar G & L series controllers and they seem to be the ordinary, regular type of controller. I myself use an AKAI MPK249 MIDI controller which works well within AP 8.

I wish you luck, please let us know how you fare, and of course if you have additional questions ......