MIDI Mapping: Is there a way to offset Midi keyboard on inline editor?

Rednroll wrote on 7/28/2021, 5:48 PM

I'm currently experiencing Midi mapping confusion hell in regards to drum instrument Midi note assignments.

My current Midi Input path looks like this.

1. Midi Input Device (Akai MPK MKII)

2a. Acid Pro

2b. or Reaper

3. EZDrummer VSTi

So let's say I have a kick drum I'm trying to play in EZDrummer, here's what I'm currently seeing in regards to displayed Midi Note assignments.

1.MPK trigger pad assignment Note=C-3

2a. Acid Midi Keyboard Note= C-4

2b. Reaper Midi Keyboard Note=C-2

3. EZDrummer VSTI Sample assignment Note= C-1

C-1, C-2, C-3, and C-4 currently refer to and trigger the same exact kick drum sound, the note mapping displays are just different between applications.

I have the ability to change the pad assignment on the MPK to a different note

I have the ability to offset the displayed note names in Reaper's Inline piano roll editor

I haven't been able to figure out a way to do the same in Acid Pro.

Re-assigning each sound to a different MIDI note in EZDrummer, would be way too much work since it would require re-assigning each individual sound and I haven't found a global offset adjustment setting.

Essentially, I'ld like to be able to assign them all so they displayed the same MIDI note, for the Kick I would use the common denominator EZDrummer note assignment of C-1. So therefore in Acid, I would shift the displayed names on the inline editor keyboard down 3 octaves, so C-4 now is displayed as C-1. Then offset Reaper down 1 octave, then assign a pad as note C-1 on the Akai Midi device.

So therefore when I look at all 4 different user interfaces, I always know Note C-1 refers to that kick drum sample assignment.



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