Mini DV Camera to PC

rickardn wrote on 1/30/2019, 11:11 AM

I have purchased a Firewire 4 to 6 wire cable and a USB 6 wire adaptor. The Magix software, recently bought, fails to 'see' the camera. I have tried switching into Play mode at various different points, no joy. Do I have to get a Firewire port fitted or buy another piece of hardware? Completed many VHS recordings in past few weeks but first attempt at Mini DV. Lenovo desk top running Windows 10.

Moving on from initial problem. I have purchased a PCIe Firewire card for the Lenovo H520 desktop. Tried installing it in two slots but Magix fails to see the input when camera is connected , on and running. Checked Bios but there was no option to 'enable' card slots. The card could be faulty, any suggestions?


emmrecs wrote on 1/30/2019, 11:39 AM


It would be very useful for we fellow-users if you were to detail exactly why you bought the Firewire cable and USB adaptor. Perhaps a detailed account of how you are connecting your MiniDV camera to your computer? I would guess the output of your camera is a mini FW socket and the input to the USB adaptor needs a standard FW plug, with the output fed to a USB socket on your computer?

However, I have yet to read of anyone successfully using any Firewire to USB convertor/adaptor, even ignoring the added complication of the 4 to 6 wire convertor!

I think the answer to your question is yes, you really do need a FW port on your computer, but not all FW ports are created equal! Specifically, you can buy PCI or PCI-e cards which contain FW ports (some will accommodate both larger and smaller FW sockets) to fit inside your computer, assuming the computer has at least one available and suitable socket, but the key factor, in my experience (I have 4 FW sockets of various sizes on my PC) is which chip manufacturer's product is used on the card. The consensus amongst users of this now old technology is that one should always try to buy a card whose chip-set was manufactured by Texas Instruments (TI).

If your computer does not include any spare PCI or PCI-e sockets, or indeed has none to start with, then I really don't know what technological options are possible for you, sorry.



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rickardn wrote on 1/31/2019, 3:27 AM

Your guess re the connection was spot on. I had a simplistic idea that would be the answer, on paper maybe. I will hunt down a PCI card, plenty of space in/on the desktop. Note your comment re Texas.