SP. wrote on 6/5/2024, 10:06 AM

@Dominic-DeMercurio What is the error message you are getting? Are you maybe trying to enter a voucher code as a serial number? You must first redeem the voucher code here After that, you'll get a serial number.

If you bought the software from a different vendor than Magix you need to contact your vendor.

Be aware this is a user forum and not Magix support. We are all users like you.

rraud wrote on 6/5/2024, 10:37 AM

sound forge 2 ?

AFAIK, the latest version of Sound Forge Audio Studio is 17.
The latest version of Sound Forge Pro is 18.

If you just recently purchased SF Pro-17 directly from Magix, you could ask Magix for a free upgrade to Pro-18.

btw, welcome to the Magix Sound Forge users community @Dominic-DeMercurio