Missing Midi objects after saving

russell-cross wrote on 7/7/2020, 1:23 PM

(please note I uploaded this under a different thread, but it was suggested I start a new thread as my problem relates to Midi objects)


I am using Magix Music Maker version on Windows 10 PC with Focusrite Scarlet USB.

When I save a project and then reopen it, parts of the project (objects) are missing and not always the same ones! I have attached the latest example in jpeg below. The top picture shows my saved arrangement, note track 3 around bars 25-29. I then closed the program, reopened it and the object at bars 25-29 is missing (see the picture at the bottom)! I am saving under a different name and my computer is less than a year old, plus I am using Cakewalk, Live and Cubase without problems. Any suggestions please!

I don't know if this is related, but after a previous problem with the program Magix helpline suggested I download a specific version of Java, which I did. When I start my computer I now get a message saying a later version of Java is available, should I upgrade?




browj2 wrote on 7/7/2020, 1:27 PM


I am using the new version 2021,, and it does the same thing. This seems to happen if the midi object is split. Is that what you did?

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russell-cross wrote on 7/7/2020, 1:47 PM


Well I do split midi objects, but I think in my example I copied and pasted the object that went missing. But it's not always the same events that go missing! In a previous version of the arrangement the drum midi (which is just a one bar pattern duplicated as a guide) went missing. Also this didn't happen when I began the arrangement for the first couple of saves, only as more tracks were added.

I'm thinking would a workaround be if I copied all sections of the piano part (for example) into one new midi object that would last the length of the song? I'll probably try that later on, depending on what football is on TV!



johnebaker wrote on 7/8/2020, 5:49 AM

@russell-cross, @browj2


It appears that this occurs as soon as you make a cut on a MIDI object, irrespective of whether you delete the cut section, move it or do nothing - confirmed in both MMM 2020 ( and 2021

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russell-cross wrote on 7/8/2020, 9:38 AM


I added the missing part in my example, then copied all the parts (midi copy) one by one into one large midi part for each track. I've reopened it twice and so far, no parts have gone missing, so I'll persevere with this technique. I've also had a response from Magix helpline which says:

"The problem with the disappearance of (cut/edited) MIDI objects when saving and reopening projects has come to our attention, and has been replicated here. It seems to have crept into the software generation 2020 (28.x) more recently due to a program update or other changes. It has been presented to our developers for analysis and correction. Unfortunately, we cannot yet promise in which time frame this will happen. At the moment a lot of development capacities are concentrated on Music Maker, because a new major release has just come out. But this also means that many development tasks are already scheduled. Once this problem has been fixed in the new version, please note that this update with the fix will also be available to you as a free patch in the context of our "Freemium" concept for Music Maker, regardless of whether you purchase a paid-for edition as an upgrade at the time of the release of the new generation or not.

Thank you for your understanding and your feedback on Music Maker."

So after feeling a bit fed up with the program, I've decided to keep going, although I can't say I'm too impressed with the term "Freemium" after all the cash I've given Magix over the years!!!