Pamela-Ayres wrote on 1/18/2023, 3:33 PM

I may have found the clue. I think Sound Forge 15 came with Movie Studio 17 as a package. I have not been able to use MS 17 because my computer is only dual quad. The new one will be able to make it work. Does anyone know if SF 15 will automatically upload? I doubt it. If you have a link to the right person to contact to get this on my new computer, thanks in advance.

rraud wrote on 1/18/2023, 5:54 PM

Hi @Pamela-Ayres,
No version of Sound Forge will automatically download without some kind of input from the user, I do not know about MS, but when SF is included with Vegas Pro, it is listed in the Download Manager and should install if selected. Activation would be a separate process, though it would ask for your activation serial code when SF is initially launched. The activation serial code would be different than the serials for the other apps in the package. The serials are not cross compatible either.. for instance, a serial for SF-15 will not activate SF-14 or visa-versa.
You can also download Sound Forge from the "Magix Download Center" or "Magix Service Center> My Products". In any case you will still need a valid serial number to activate SF.
For a definitive answer regarding Sound Forge's inclusion with MS, email Magix customer service:

Pamela-Ayres wrote on 1/19/2023, 5:36 PM

Thank you. That is very clear. I will tackle this when I set up the new computer. If 15 doesn't work, I have all I need for 14.