ralftaro wrote on 10/11/2019, 4:17 AM

Hello Richard,

The problem you're experiencing would suggest that, for whatever reason, the referenced loops cannot be found and loaded at the time of opening the project. Please keep in mind that the Music Maker project files are not self-contained, and include only references (in the form of full file paths and names) to audio files used in the project. This would be true for both (audio) loops imported into the project, as well as audio recordings performed through the program. Consequently, if an audio object can no longer be loaded, this might be because it's no longer available under the original location on your system. It may have been deleted, moved or renamed. This could even just be a minor change in one of the folder names that are part of the entire folder path leading to the file. Please consider what changes you may have made.

Hope this information helps!


Richard-Bond wrote on 10/13/2019, 11:16 PM

Many thanks. I have made a few changes to my PC's configuration over the last few years but I'm not sure that I can remember all of them! I'll have a play around and see what happens. I guess I could always try to recreate it, a bit tedious though.