MKV not allowed into project (write protect or full message)

mark-perry wrote on 2/5/2020, 8:14 PM

version19.0.1.23 (UPD3) UG code 8443 KA1 - internet download not DVD

Windows 10 pro 1909

Toshiba Tecra 50-E - LAPTOP-5QCK2927

i wanted to play around with an MKV file but am given the message "check if the drive is not full or write-protected".

file is 666 MB and i have 170 GB free.

this is first time use,i've only played with a small MP4 file and that was fine, haven't done anything projects since.

is this advertised as able to insert MKV files when in fact you cant

can anybody help?


yvon-robert wrote on 2/6/2020, 2:26 AM


convert your mkv file in mp4 file same quality than the original. MKV is not a standard video file.



johnebaker wrote on 2/6/2020, 3:50 AM



. . . . . is this advertised as able to insert MKV files when in fact you cant . . . .

A MKV file is a container file, not a video format, and can contain any video/audio codecs. Movie Edit Prop (MEP) can import MKV files if it has access to the correct codec for the video and/or audio format that the file contains.

Use MediaInfo to analyse a MKV file that will not import and post the results from the Text view.

If the file contains a codec that is not available on your computer then as @yvon-robert has said, it will need to be converted to a supported video codec eg h.264 in an mp4 container file.

Do you have any all in one codec packs installed?

If not do not install one, if yes it is not necessary, they can affect the codecs MEP uses and give a the error you are getting.


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mark-perry wrote on 2/6/2020, 3:55 PM

and there was an error code number as well.

Will check tonight