MM premium 2019 - Could not be loaded: DSP_DLL_33vc12......

Stavros80 wrote on 6/17/2019, 12:41 AM

MM premium 2019. Hello! This message poped on my screen when i tryed to start my MM After that, when i load any of my songs is not on tempo and instruments are going crazy.. more errors pops up inside MM. Any help?

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500 CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2592 Mhz, 8GB RAM


Paula_V wrote on 6/23/2019, 10:23 AM

I'm having the same problem. Creating a new song file hasn't shown any issues, but loading a previous one results in more missing dll popup notices and chaotic instruments.

ralftaro wrote on 6/24/2019, 6:25 AM

Hi Paula,

This kind of error message points to Microsoft Visual C++ runtime components that are required for the proper loading and execution of certain program components not being availble and fully functional on your system (at least not in the required version). Depending on exactly what Music Maker version you're using and what error message you're getting, one could pinpoint the exact generation of the redistributable package you'll need. However, you could also run an installation for an "all-in-one" kind of installer that will introduce the various versions needed by various applications into your system:

(Naturally, the installation of the required runtime components is usually part of the Music Maker program installation. However, on some systems, those components can become corrupted or removed after the fact.)

If you do end up handpicking the VC++ redist version to be installed, please make sure it's the 32bit (x86) variety, as Music Maker is a 32bit application.

Hope this helps! I believe the original poster had a support case with us, and we managed to help him resolve the issue. So, I trust this will work for you as well.


Paula_V wrote on 6/24/2019, 9:23 AM

In the end I reinstalled music maker, which also worked. But I'll keep this in mind in case the problem returns.