MM Premium 2019 - Crash after crash after crash

Nickillus wrote on 8/18/2018, 7:26 PM

After a challenging start where the software wouldn't even load for the first 36 hours, but just kept hanging, I mistakenly thought that things had settled down. At least Music Maker loads now.

The good - all my instruments and effects, both Magix and third party, that were present in the 2018 edition, seem to be present and working.
Further to that, some that version 2018 didn't like and wouldn't work, initially seem to have a better chance in this version.

I managed to start new compositions and load old ones - combining midi and sound files.

The Bad - Midi behaves in a very fritzy manner. When using the piano roll to write music, the playback seems very touchy and often overlays work from other tracks you shouldn't be able to hear. This has already been highlighted by another user.

Work that seems to save fine when closing down, now crashes MM as soon as you try to load it.

Work carried out and saved successfully in version 2018 loads fine into version 2019, but as soon as I try to export it, MM crashes, meaning it may now be impossible to progress it.

Generally finding this to be a very unstable 'upgrade'. Frustrating to put it mildly.

I'm using an i-5 running Windows 7 Pro with 32 gig DDR3 RAM


EDIT (24th Aug) - Don't want to jinx it, but the software has settled down a fair bit now, without me changing anything in either the software or my system. Still not totally stable - but what DAW is when you push it? However, MM is allowing me work mostly as I used to now, with better compatibility with some third party plugins that it didn't used to work with at all for me. Sonivox is a great example here. Bought a number of their products (such as their orchestral sections) on sale over the past few years, only to find previous versions of MM couldn't work with them. That is much improved. I am cautiously optimistic . . . . .


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