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david-t5092 wrote on 5/4/2023, 12:53 PM


Quite new to this, so bear with me, I have just started a site about flags for my football club supporters group.

I have just done the basic layout and colours, and placeholders, problem is when I view it online the main site displays fine, but the variant, mobile site cuts off almost in half?

Can anyone tell me what the problem is.

I have uploaded to the server a number of times but no joy. I will link the site below.

Thank you


johnebaker wrote on 5/4/2023, 2:39 PM



Which template did you use for the project?

Does the Designer Pro template used have the mobile variant tab as well as the main?

Looking at the page and HTML code it looks like there may be a conflict in settings beween the header and in the Body of the html.

John EB

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david-t5092 wrote on 5/4/2023, 3:26 PM


I used a template named Flare, it has a mobile variant, but it doesn't appear to be connected to the main template, any changes are not repeated in the variant.

I haven't used this software for a few years, in fact I haven't done any design projects either, health reasons. So what I knew about Xara software has been forgotten, I do remember building a plumbing site and the variant changed with the main.

I am altering the variant as a separate entity, and scaling it down. If you think there may be a way of simplifying matters, I would be grateful to learn, and also about the conflict between the header and the body. The site bears no resemblance to the original, I kept nothing really, maybe I did a lot I shouldn't have done.

David T

initiostar wrote on 5/6/2023, 5:16 PM

The Xara Flare template is from Xara Classic Websites and does have a mobile variant. When the Xara template was created, it is likely the desktop content/structure was created first and the mobile variant was added thereafter, When a variant is added in this manner, it gains its content and structure from the desktop variant and the template designer modifies that structure to match the mobile variant size; this likely includes increasing the font size in the mobile variant. Thereafter, when a user of that template changes the content, text and photo etc. in one variant, it changes in the other.

However, if a designer creates a new object in one variant, it is not automatically replicated in any other variants. To do this requires the designer to right click on the object, select 'web variants' and use the 'share with variants option'. The object will then appear in other variants, but will likely require resizing.

When I compared the standard Flare template to your site, the mobile menu has been deleted and replaced by the desktop menu. The desktop menu has a mouseover inconsistency that shows a different font. The Flare template is unfortunately unnecessarily complicated, but I would download another copy of the template, extract the desktop and mobile menus and replace your current menus. The menus should NOT be shared as they are intentionally different.

If you get stuck login to Talk Graphics and explain the issue - you can as necessary include a copy of the XAR file (or subset thereof) on TG and someone can likely take a look at the issues.

Gary (initiostar on TG)

david-t5092 wrote on 5/10/2023, 1:46 AM

Thanks for the replies, I am using the varients as seperate sites, although I share what I can using web varients but most objects need reisizing or other work.

What I am finding with Xara Pro 19 is a lot of bugs and issues, for importing widgets or anything from the 'online catalogue', I have to use Xara 11 version, as 19 just tells me I need an internet conection, can't get anything using version 19. Plus the links to external sites don't work, setting up email links does nothing, colours don't change for mouse over or visited. You can see on the site. I added the underlines by text editor, I use the website tab in properties set up the colours and nothing happens.

Maybe it is me doing something wrong, quite a few years back, I used versions 11, 18, 17 and 365, never got the bugs and issues.

If someone has suggestions for correcting external links, colours etc, I would be grateful for a solution.

Regards Dave T