Mono Outputs

jmclark wrote on 2/28/2017, 9:51 PM

I'm a graduate student doing my masters thesis. For part of my thesis I've built a custom mixing/panning engine. I've done all my recording work so far in Sequoia for ease of editing, and I finally tried to pair it with my external program to find that Sequoia does not have any way of outputting discreet mono channels... is this correct? I can't send channel 1 out of output 1... it has to be post-panner outputs 1 and 2.

I know that the musical world has revolved around stereo imaging for a long time now -- but that's fast changing. And with no way to really easily hack and configure the surround editor to accomodate non-standard or evolving multi-channel needs, the near-inflexible stereo-centric nature of Sequoia is extremely limiting (especially for its price point). Which is all a shame given the amazing features that Sequoia does have!

Is there any way around this? Or do I need to switch over to Pro Tools?


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