Move Project to Another PC for Further Editing

H-Phase wrote on 11/19/2019, 12:30 AM

I have the need to move a Photostory 2020 project between a couple of PC's as I create it. What is the correct or best way to do this? I will be moving the files via a portable USB hard drive. I am looking for the way you save the project to a portable drive and then re-establish the project onto the 2nd PC.

Thanks in Advance for Your Ideas!


emmrecs wrote on 11/19/2019, 3:33 AM


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Yes you need to save all the contents of the project, images, videos, music tracks, etc., etc. and the .MPH project file to your external USB drive (I would strongly recommend creating a folder on that drive into which everything connected with this project is stored).

Then once you have ejected that drive from your first computer you will need to connect it to your second, open PS, navigate to the folder where all your files are stored, click on the .MPH project file and all your content should open correctly on your second PC.

I assume the versions of PS are identical on both machines?

When you have finished any editing etc on whichever machine you need to ensure that ALL the updated files (images, videos etc., as before) and the updated project file (.MPH) are again stored to that same folder on the external drive. Then everything should be available to you from whichever PC you wish to use at the time.


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johnebaker wrote on 11/19/2019, 4:31 AM



In addition to @emmrecs comment there are two additional factors to take into account -

  1. working from a USB drive is, IMO, not practical, it is slow and prone to disconnects - copy the files to the second computer using the same folder structure.
  2. If the storage location of the projects is not the same on both PC's, this also includes working from a USB drive if there is no other option, then you will be prompted for the location of the media files used in the project - for example when the projects are on a second drive in the first computer (PC1) and the second computer (PC2) does not have a second drive is installed.

    There is a work around that I use when transferring a project from PC to laptop - mapping a network drive as detailed here.

For example - on my PC all my projects go in a folder called Magix on the W: drive, my laptop does not have a second drive and the Magix folder is located in the Documents folder on the C: drive. On the laptop I have mapped a Magix folder as drive W: using the above linked to procedure, and set the folder settings in Photostory on PC2 to the same same as those on the PC1.

You can copy the files back and forth between the 2 PC's with (hopefully) no issues

Apologies if this sounds confusing - it is easier to do then explain.


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H-Phase wrote on 12/1/2019, 12:35 PM

Thanks to both of you for your input. I will give your methods a spin!