Movie Edit Pro 2016

porcupine wrote on 2/9/2016, 2:44 AM

Hello, I'm porcupine and have a prickly problem. 


Just prior to Christmas I bought this program as it looked easy to use.


I've always used VideoStudio (Corel) before but can't use it at the moment because they can't find my serial number.


Meantime I am really struggling with the Magix program because of the layout and there doesn't seem to be any instructions (though I guess there will be tutorials somewhere).


When I create video projects, in Corel you can add/import the video to library OR timeline.


I trim each clip in the library mode then drag and drop each clip in sequence into the timeline.


The two main issues for me are just that (you can only work in the timeline mode) which gives me the second problem in trimming clips where I have absolutely no idea what it is I am doing!


So if anyone can help me start using the program that would be great. I should be able to have my V6 back soon but want to try out Magix and see what the effects are like, thanks.


asoeli wrote on 2/9/2016, 5:09 AM

You find the close to 400 pages PDF Manual when clicking Help. It is a good idea to start here and get an overview.

And by looking in the Tutorials on this forum you will find 'tons' of instructing films and PDF's and discover the possibilities you have. (Most of them are in german or french)

Good Luck