Movies Studio 16: Registration 2 emails causing conflicts

Aaron-Halverson wrote on 1/26/2020, 11:41 PM

I purchased the upgrade to Movie Studio 14 to Movie Studio 16.  I forgot I had already registered an email so I registered it under, apparently, a different email.  When I try to open it now I get an error code -24 telling me my product is already registered under a different email.  I'm on nearly hour 4 of trying to resolve it myself and I can't figure out how to resolve the difference between the two different accounts.  Can anyone please help me figure out how to consolidate the two accounts? 

I pray, please someone give me some direction. Finding any sort of support has been a nightmare. This has been the worst customer support I've ever experienced and I'm not normally one to say that but I'm frustrated and desperate. I just updated my software so I could finish a project I thought might benefit from the updates and I have been cast into a Kafka-esque nightmare of endless, mindless, nonsense. I feel like I've been taken to a quarry by 2 strangers and I'm awaiting being stabbed like a dog. Thank you and may God have mercy on our souls.