Moving ACID Pro Download Content to a New PC

David-Andersen wrote on 10/10/2018, 9:27 AM

I bought Acid Pro 8 back in May and downloaded all of the loops, MIDI instruments, and plug-ins that come with the initial purchase. I bought a new PC this weekend and loaded Acid Pro 8 onto it. I copied the VST folders over to the new PC, but a number of the VSTs are not showing up and are giving licensing errors. All of the instrument VSTs are unrecognized, and the AM-Munition and AM-Phibia tools are missing.

I tried the Help --> "Download content..." option from within Acid Pro, but nothing happens. I went to Producer Planet and got the license code, but it tells me the code has already been used and so won't let me activate the software.

What can I do to transfer all of the Acid Pro freebies over to my new PC?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


Will-Kenworthy wrote on 10/11/2018, 1:49 AM

I think your problem will involve De-authorizing AP8 on your old computer. I would give that a try and I think you should be able to then download the loops and instruments from under the help manu as you mentioned. It is supposed to be allowed for you to have two instances of Acid registered but there may be a hang up with the loops and instruments.

Also in my setup on my Win 10 laptop I have to, had to .... start Acid in Administrator mode to download the loops and instruments as well as get any and all updates. Be sure and try this also.

Let us know how you fair .... lots of guys here much smarter than I am, LOL. Try what I suggested and if it doesnt work one of the very much smarter guys will chime in soon, I'm sure

Good luck,


David-Andersen wrote on 10/11/2018, 7:59 AM

This worked. I de-authorized it on the old PC, and it allowed me to download the freebies on the new PC. Thanks so much for your help. And now I can get on with making music...!

Will-Kenworthy wrote on 10/12/2018, 5:01 AM

Terrific! Making music is where it's at!!!


David-Westwood wrote on 11/4/2018, 1:18 PM

I deleted the plug in path to the vsts that came with acid 8 purchase , cant find it , tried downloading reinstalling

Will-Kenworthy wrote on 11/5/2018, 12:34 AM

Not exactly sure what you mean. Deleted the plug-in path? Which plug-ins are you missing? If it's the VITA instruments, loops, and samples .... those would be downloaded under the "help" menu. If you've already done that you should be able to find them in the "Public User" folders.

If it's the Acid FX plug-ins that would be different. If that's it, going to need a little bit more info to help .......

Also .... we might want to start a new post for this ...... this post has been tagged as resolved.