MP3 Deluxe 19 - Media Keys usage & Skins?

Elderwood wrote on 3/10/2018, 1:45 PM

Hello there,

I have recently started using MP3 Deluxe 19 and I was wondering if anyone could help with a couple of questions please?

I updated after installation, so I'm currently running V19.0.1.48 on Win7 home premium, 64 bit.

I got a Tip Of The Day pop-up notification, under the heading 'Multimedia Keyboards' (I think). It said that the program works with 'modern keyboards'.

I cannot get the program to work with the direct access media keys on my keyboard if the program is not 'in focus'. So if I'm gaming for instance, my multimedia keys on my keyboard won't respond (nor will the mouse's media shortcuts). Nor will it respond if I'm focused on a web browser. Other music players do allow this functionality, and I would be stunned if a premium player like this was unable to do this. Any suggestions on how to get MP3 Deluxe 19 to respond whilst i'm not looking directly at the program please?

Also, I would love to change the skin of the player. I do a lot of work at night, so I'd prefer a darker colour scheme, especially if I have to keep the player 'Always On Top' or otherwise open. I have gone through the settings but I can't find anything in relation to customisation, nor can I find any anywhere online. Any help with this would be appreciated.