MP3 Deluxe 19 not recording ANY input (even testing other devices)

Munenushi wrote on 8/22/2019, 6:46 AM

Just wondering if there is something I'm missing, or a 'trick' to getting MP3 Deluxe 19 [Version 19] to Record from any input...


  • I tried "Listen" (which usually records 'anything you hear' (speakers) in Sound Forge and other programs)
  • I tried installing another Device (USB soundcard (audio dongle)) that came with my headphones, but that didn't change anything
  • I tried changing the Drivers for the Mainboard/Motherboard on-board Audio Adapter/Device to the 'Microsoft' one (it was previously using the Realtek one, downloaded from their website)
  • I tried Reinstalling MP3 Deluxe 19 (bought it from a Humble Bundle (Charity) Sale)
  • I tried making sure Windows Update was..updated heh (and also Visual Studio and C++ Libraries updated from the MS website)


I am able to Record 'What You Hear' input (Listen) in Sound Forge Audio Pro 12, so I am using that for now (Audacity, a free audio program, also works) - it would be nice to have it all in one program though (MP3 Deluxe 19), especially the recording from online streams/radio, if possible - so I am asking here if anyone has any ideas...


Thanks for any input!


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