MS 11 x64 Win 10: Unable to Arm For Record "System Low On Memory"

MarkInFL wrote on 9/3/2019, 3:57 PM

Win 10Pro x64 latest OS update, 8MB memory, 1T HD (Tried the following with a new Music Studio v11 x64 & my old v10 x32)

Hi- I've been doing digital recording for 25 years, build computers, studio engineer, etc. Music Studio user since 2013 v10. I had my v10.108 x32 working on this Win10 Pro computer until recently. MS would not arm for record and gave me several errors, including, "An error occurred while recording. The request is not enabled for this device." and "An error occurred while recording. The system is low on memory." I did get playback. Playback was finicky with v10 x32 but OK with v11 x64
I checked every possible parameter and did Windows compatibility mods for v10 v32.
So I uninstalled v10 x32 and installed a fresh trial of v11 x64. I have the same record arm errors.
Since I was running v10 x32 on this computer, should I have manually cleaned out my registery of any v10 x32 artifacts before installing v11 x64?
I'm still wondering why v10 x32 stopped working. (Win10 "Spring 2019 Update" maybe?) If I can't get the new v11 x64 to work, I'll have to go to another DAW. Anyone have these errors with Win10Pro x64 and the new MS v11 x64?


johnebaker wrote on 9/4/2019, 6:30 AM



Did you ensure that the Windows 10 Privacy settings are set to Allow desktop apps to access the microphone?


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MarkInFL wrote on 9/4/2019, 11:47 AM

johnebaker / John EB-

YOU ROCK (shouting)! Thank you so much. I didn't realize that blocking the onboard mic in Privacy killed the entire output to Music Studio. Ya gotta love Win10. LOL Have a great day.