Will-Kenworthy wrote on 12/10/2018, 12:17 AM

You need a professional audio card or interface, depending what kind of computer you have (laptop or tower)

I would recommend you make sure it is one with ASIO drivers. I use a RME Fireface UC. It has 8 analog & 10 digital ins & outs. Interfaces with my laptop via USB. It has excellent latency and allows me to record many tracks at 24 bit word and up to 192khz sample rate. Generally I use a lower sample rate unless I am publishing to blu-ray.

If you have a tower you can use a PCI internal audio card or if you have USB or Thunderbolt you can use an interface with either of those connections and get excellent results. Of course if you use a laptop computer you won't be able to use a PCI card. You will have to use the type that interfaces with your laptop.

Far more important is the driver. Drivers are included by the manufacturer with whatever audio interface you choose. ASIO is a must in my opinion if you wish to record multi-track audio because of it's low latency performance.

You should visit an internet pro audio vendor such as Sweetwater and you can check out what is generally available wherever you go to shop for such gear.

There are many types available with many different feature sets. You will have to decide what meets your needs. Again I would recommend you stick with an interface that has an ASIO driver. It won't let you down.

Hope this helps you,