Music Maker 14 Tune Pitch Higher/Deeper functions do not work.

JColmorgan wrote on 7/22/2008, 8:11 AM
Two features that I would love to have use of (Tune Pitch Higher/Deeper) in the Effects tab, but it will not work. I've tried to select the object and ricght clicking but they are unavailable that way also. Is this a feature that has not
yet been offered?, or will I have use of it someday?.


ralftaro wrote on 7/22/2008, 12:22 PM

You would have to drag & drop the pitch shift effects from the effect collection onto the audio object in the arrange whose pitch you want to change. A different (and probably better) way to go about pitch correction would be by using the time processor module. You can activate this by right-clicking on the audio object you want to manipulate and "Timestretch/Resample" from the context menu. In the time processor module you can manipulate pitch and speed/duration of the sample in two different manners: (1) There's simple resampling, where pitch and speed are correlated and the length/speed of the sample will change when you change the pitch. (2) There's an advanced time-stretching algorithm where you can change one property without affecting the other one.

I hope this helps.