nihon94 wrote on 10/13/2010, 8:48 AM



Whenever ask a technical question it is better to mention about computer OS, Windows xp, vista or 7.


Regarding your problem did you buy a Box version or download version? in case of download version try to download once again, then reinstall it.


In case of Box version it is very easy, insert installation CD/DVD of Magix Music Maker 16 follow guidance.


If need further help feel free to ask.


Thank you


john-auvil wrote on 10/13/2010, 9:06 AM

It sounds like you need to re-install the software, and if you purchased a download version, you might need to redownload as the download you have could be corrupt. If it is the disc, then reinstall the program from the disc.


Make sure you meet or exceed the system requirements for Music Maker 16 and when installing, allow the program to install to the directory that it choose, unless you know exactly what you are doing by manually installing the components.


If you cannot get it to work from there, we might still be able to help, but we would need more information on the system you are attempting to install it on.