Music Maker 2013 Premium file not found / some instruments won't load

lazyoli wrote on 9/1/2019, 8:12 AM


the product has been registered for many months and used to work fine. Suddenly it says 'file not found' when I try to load an arrangement, like "Vita could not find the <different instruments> in image file: <instrument folder>.

The button 'Auto-Find' does nothing. The only solution I found on the internet was checking if the settings file has the correct path, which it does.

The folder does have instruments but they're apparently not the right names? Everything connected to Vita suddenly wants to register. When I follow that link it gives me either the message that the product is already registered or it gives me an error code (-17) and can't connect. I'm stuck here! Can anybody help? Thanks.

Didn't even use the program for the last three weeks or so, let alone change anything in the settings!




ralftaro wrote on 9/6/2019, 6:54 AM

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about this issue. Vita (or any of the Vita-based solo instruments) complaining about not being able to access some file that is part of the sample library for that particular instrument is usually an authorisation/DRM problem with the instrument. You will probably find that the error doesn't just come up when trying to reload saved projects, but also when simply trying to use the instrument in a new project. Since we're talking about a slightly older version of Music Maker, I could especially see this being a compatibility issue with e.g. Windows 10 (albeit I have no doubt that it may have worked correctly on this same machine before). You're welcome to try the following: Instead of starting Music Maker via the usual left/double-click, right-click the program and run it as administrator.Once started this way, try using the problematic instrument(s) again, and see whether you get them to authorise correctly.

That having been said, you should know that you now have an option to benefit from the improvements and new features in the newest generation of Music Maker without paying for an upgrade. MAGIX has changed the complete concept for the Music Maker product line to work like a "Freemium" model. This means there's a basic edition of the most recent Music Maker version that is available to everybody free of charge. You can download and install it from the following address:

This version will then continue to receive updates with improvements and new features, and will essentially always be up-to-date. Within this free version, you can unlock exactly the features, instruments and audio content you want through the built-in store system. As an owner of a previous, paid-for version of Music Maker (going back to Music Maker generation MX), you would be able to enter your existing serial number into this free version, which will give you access to the features and instruments that were part of your particular Music Maker version. So, this way, you get to use what you paid for, while at the same time getting to use the most recent Music Maker version that will work on the most recent Windows versions.

Hope this helps!


lazyoli wrote on 9/6/2019, 7:53 AM

the admin thing seems to have fixed the problem. thank you very much for your reply. i'll have a look into the newer version, though we all know nothing in life is for free. 😃

Viking.hamster wrote on 9/7/2019, 2:13 PM

the admin thing seems to have fixed the problem. thank you very much for your reply. i'll have a look into the newer version, though we all know nothing in life is for free. 😃

tbh its pritty much worth the upgrade and you can spend as little and as much as you like.