Music Maker 2021 (v29.x.x.x) bugs list

johnebaker wrote on 7/9/2020, 3:55 PM

Known bugs

  1. It is not possible to load AVI, WMV or MXV video files and Visuals due to a missing DLL file

    AVI file import only fixed patch - MXV files crash MMM and WMV not supported.
  2. Some Soundpools, Instruments and the Revolta Presets do not install correctly, repeatedly wanting to install on start up, and do not appear in the Soundpool or Instruments lists.

    Revolta Presets fixed patch, Instruments and Soundpool(s) not fixed
  3. Vita VST issue with earlier version projects - no interface and wav file not found error message.
    Fixed patch
  4. Vita (64) duplicate in Instruments list - one has a full set pre-sets, the other only Vita Acoustic Drum Kits and Percussion Fixed patch
  5. Store download error message popping up at start of MMM - have to click multiple times to close - number of varies with different users. FIXED patch
  6. Occasional program hangs/freezes when previewing Soundpool samples, once the program has done this the only fix is to use Task Manager to end the task.
  7. The manual mentions song parts, however, has no guidance on how to set and edit them.
  8. Pitch templates do not appear to be working - the objects are cut according to the pitch changes, however there is no pitch change applied; there are no details on how to use this feature in manual.
  9. End does not work; also, does not work with any key combination you assign as the shortcut
  10. Pitch bar does not always show pitches in projects.
  11. Crash log error: ASIO Boost Driver - cannot open SCM on start-up, also CloseAllAudioOutUnits: Check for playback stop hangs.
  12. Song Maker errors see this topic

  13. Missing Midi objects after saving - this occurs as soon as you make a cut on a MIDI object, irrespective of whether you delete the cut section, move it or do nothing - this has also been confirmed to occur in MMM 2020 (
  14. Track height problem defaults to Big and requires 2 x tabs to make it small when project set to 8 tracks. With > 8 tracks the track height once set to small and saving the project, new projects will have small track heights.
  15. Song Maker puts multiples objects one on top of the other on the same track, Identified by red X where this occurs - FIXED patch
  16. Project information box not displaying files used in the project - reported

All the above have been notified to Magix Support.

If you discover a bug not listed above please post a new comment in the Music Maker forum.

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