Music Maker 2023 Patch with several fixes and improvements

browj2 wrote on 9/8/2022, 7:57 AM

Of note - I successfully imported a full HD mxv file, so that appears to have been fixed as indicated below.

Changes in patch compared to

    • New Vita Solo Instruments available from the Store
    • New Cherry Audio plug-ins available from the Store
    • Improved support for activating Cherry Audio plug-ins
    • Option for automatically increasing velocity
    • Workflow improvements for audio and MIDI editing
    • Crash fixes and bug fixes:
        ◦ Fixed crashes that occurred during MXV import
        ◦ Fixed waveform for mono wave files
        ◦ Fixed Live Pad and Beatbox crashes 
        ◦ Waveform for mono wave files
        ◦ Revised localization issues
    • Improved program interface
        ◦ Mixer
        ◦ In-app Store
        ◦ Loop manager
        ◦ File manager
        ◦ Beatbox
    • Additional small-scale customization and enhancements within the program

Changes in patch compared to

    • Update Beatbox.vst3
    • Adjustments to start screen design

Changes in patch compared to

    • Enhanced precision control
    • Improved keyboard shortcut handling
    • Minor in-app Store design adjustments

John C.B.

VideoPro X(14); Movie Studio 2023 Platinum; MM2023 with MM2022 Premium Edition; see About me for more.

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Notebook - Microsoft Surface Pro 4, i5-6300U, 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD, W10 Pro 20H2.

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