Music Maker begins to lag, eventually crashing after opening store.

AJenn wrote on 6/7/2024, 1:14 AM

I have tried everything I can from google and need help of anyone who has time. I bought 16 more Gb of Ram and I am still having the problem. If I open the store for any reason: To download a loop or VST or anything my program begins to lag horrendously and then just crashes. , Even just opening my VST load(I don't have many) Has a small chance to do the same thing, jusr by bringing up the page. Thank you for taking the time to help me.

My Specs:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz   3.60 GHz

Installed Ram: 32.0GB

System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Windows: 10 home

Version: 22H2

Os Build: 19045.4412

Graphics Card: 1070 Nivida Geforce 8gb GDDR5


SP. wrote on 6/7/2024, 2:53 AM

@AJenn Navigate to File > Settings > Program Settings > Audio/MIDI. Here select an ASIO driver, for example the Music Maker ASIO driver. Click on the Advanced button to open the driver settings. Select your audio input and audio output and set sample buffer size to something reasonable like 512 samples. This should improve stability. Recommend is an external USB audio interface with its own ASIO drivers.

Next, under the folders tab, please check the directories where the folders are located. Some users have selected OneDrive directories. If Music Maker tries to write temporary files into these folders and OneDrive synchronizes them with the cloud backup, this can lead to instabilities and crashes. In that case, either disable OneDrive or change the directories.

AJenn wrote on 6/7/2024, 10:57 AM

When I go to set audio input it's blank but I can set the output. Where can I get another asio driver? What equipment comes with it?


SP. wrote on 6/7/2024, 11:50 AM

@AJenn Music Maker should automatically install the Music Maker ASIO driver. Maybe your selected audio device isn't compatible. What audio device is set as the standard output device for your computer?

You can open the Windows sound settings control panel by pressing the Windows key and R on your keyboard. Then type mmsys.cpl into the text box and press Enter.

Under the playback tab you can see the devices. You can show hidden devices by right clicking into the white area. The standard playback device should be something called like Speakers (Realtek).

A screenshot might be helpful to analyse your problem. You can use the arrow icon above the response text box to upload images to this forum.

AJenn wrote on 6/7/2024, 1:26 PM

These are what I can see, And I did look up some audio devices , is this what was referred to earlier?

SP. wrote on 6/7/2024, 2:14 PM

@AJenn Yes, Focusrite is a developer of USB audio interfaces. I also use an older model (Focusrite Scarlett 2i4). I connect it via USB and then I connect my microphone/speakers/headphones to it and select the Focusrite ASIO driver in the program settings.

Ok, your audio devices look "normal" to me. Maybe you can try some other ASIO drivers first. For example, you can install the free demo version of FL Studio, which will also install the FL Studio ASIO driver. I also think that it will offer to install ASIO4ALL (which you can also separately download from its own website). You can then select one of these two drivers in the program settings.

Maybe it's also helpful to restart your computer once, in case your audio devices are currently bugged out. Please select the Restart option and not the Shut down option, otherwise three devices might not be correctly re-initialized.

AJenn wrote on 6/7/2024, 6:14 PM

Ok, I will do that and report. Thank you!

AJenn wrote on 6/7/2024, 7:26 PM

FL studio ASIO is much faster, however same issue occurs that if I open the store for ANY reason it lags my program to death. I did reset the store cache to no help. I would like to buy more VST's however I cant even browse at this point and I don't understand why. Is there a way to buy VST's or a website version of the store? Producer planet doesn't seem like the same thing except for licenses....

SP. wrote on 6/7/2024, 7:34 PM

@AJenn Have you checked the folders in the program settings? Make sure they are not located in an OneDrive directory.

AJenn wrote on 6/7/2024, 7:45 PM are my options, my keyboard and drumset are unplugged since they don't seem to help or hurt the lag issue just me opening the store. The one drive directory is empty on my end. Is the link Above the same as buying VST instruments in a package?

AJenn wrote on 6/7/2024, 11:06 PM

Honestly the only thing I haven't tried is buying the  USB Audio Interface. So if issue can't be resolved now, i'll follow up once I have it. If it is the solution needed. Thank you @SP. for helping me.  

johnebaker wrote on 6/8/2024, 1:09 AM



From the Sound settings dialogs it looks like you have headphones plugged in and they are connected to a Realtek HDA onboard sound card.

There appear to be some 'odd' settings on the images you have posted, can you clarify the following:

  • Can you hear music when played in Windows media Player?
  • The T: drive shown in your images, is this an internal drive or a USB external drive?
  • How much free space is there on the C: and T: drives?
  • Which drive is Music Maker installed on?

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AJenn wrote on 6/8/2024, 2:06 AM

AJenn wrote on 6/7/2024, 11:28 PM

Q1: Yes I can hear music in Windows Media Player.

Q2: T drive is an internal HDD Drive as this issue was occurring on my normal SSD drive. So I moved the files over to save room and hopefully fix. Which did not do so.(Edited to say not, couldn't edit comment for some reason).

Q3: C Drive has 37GB of Space

Music Maker is installed on the C: Drive. I tried to install it on T drive but that was not an option in set up. There is so many Files and folders I have come across for the program. Do you believe me gathering it up and placing in the T Drive will work?

AJenn wrote on 6/8/2024, 3:06 PM

I bought a new SSD drive and I will be using Macrium to clone. The fruitloops AsIO is much faster, So I am not sure if the sound is the issue. Once I clone and install this higher SSD. If problem still persists then I will proceed to getting the USB Audio Interface. And then that will be my last option. Will update after if either of these solutions fixes my problem for anyone else who may have same issue. Thank you All who have been helping me!

AJenn wrote on 6/10/2024, 4:08 AM

So I upgraded my computer and got a bigger SSD drive and that did not solve the issue. However, on the just in case that a solution couldn't be found from those who took the time to help me I messaged support this is their answer and It solved everything!. I had my mouse cursor activated. Thank you all once again!, Thank you magix support and hopefully this helps whoever else in the future!:


Thank you for your message.

Sorry to hear about this problem. What you're describing sounds like a problem that some users are experiencing, and that probably came with update in that past generation of Music Maker. It is probably a configuration-specific software conflict with other software or Windows settings.

We were able to narrow down the causes of the problem more precisely in the past few weeks. As discussed, these are probably potential software conflicts between the technology behind our user interface in Music Maker and third-party software* or settings in the operating system.

In addition to eliminating individual applications and processes via the Task Manager to isolate problems, I would like to draw your attention again to various settings in Windows, which in principle all have to do with the accessibility and operation of the operating system.

These settings appear in your Windows under the keyword "Ease of Access". Just check your current settings here, and, if necessary, test the deactivation of corresponding functionality, especially the following settings:

- Text cursor: If this is activated, please deactivate the text cursor indicator.
- Screen reader (Narrator): If enabled, please try without it.
- Magnifier: Also try without it, if you are currently using this function.

It would also be conceivable that software from third-party manufacturers, which is not provided by Microsoft within the operating system, but works similarly technically and provides similar functions, could also have a similar negative influence on Music Maker. It would be up to you to check whether this could be true for you at all, or whether such software is not installed.

I hope this helps.

*) The specific third-party applications that we have so far connected to this problem and that we can identify by name are as follows:

- Sticky Password (by Lamantine Software)
- DeepL (local Windows application)
- ZoomText

Best regards,

MAGIX Software GmbH