gandjcarr wrote on 4/30/2015, 11:14 AM


Some basic computer specs would help a lot here.  Things like RAM, CPU, etc. could hold the clue as to why the application crashes.  For the most part, my experience is that Magix applications are very stable and any time I have run in to crash problems, it was usually that I was trying to push my system beyond its capabilities.

Also a little more detail about how and when the application crashes would be helpful.  For example, does it crash when you start it, does it crash when you start recording, or does it crash after a few minutes of recording?


rolle800 wrote on 4/30/2015, 7:25 PM

The application crashes as soon as i hit the record button. that is the only problem. here are the details:

e-k25 wrote on 1/16/2016, 9:27 PM

Hello everyone. everytime i try to record my sounds on music maker jam it crashes everytime. Any solutions? i really want to make beats. im using windows 8.1. this music maker came installed before hand. thanks

Hi, this application 'Music Maker Jam' also crashes for me as soon as I press the red 'record' button.


here are my computer specs

Also to note, I have another music program (FLStudio) which may or may not have installed some x64 drivers (not sure).

Connewest wrote on 4/29/2016, 4:08 AM

I also came across this problem and i also have FL Studio Installed onto my PC i belive it could be something to do with Fl Studio. try uninstall Fl Studio and see if this helps.