Music Maker Premium 2019 Using PC Keyboard with Instruments

robert-cacciatore wrote on 2/15/2019, 1:42 PM

I am having problems using my PC Keyboard to input notes on Instrument tracks.
I start by adding a Music Maker Instrument to a track. I then feel I should be able to either mouse click keyboard notes in the Instrument's setting window (when the instrument has a keyboard) but that keyboard doesn't trigger sound. I also try clicking on keys in the (F9) Control Tab Keyboard with no sound. And finally try using my QWERTY PC keyboard, again no sound. If I put the track into a recording mode I can tap keys on the QWERTY keyboard but again with no sound, the notes will record on the MIDI track but it's a fairly useless interface musically.

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browj2 wrote on 2/15/2019, 2:24 PM


See this thread:

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johnebaker wrote on 2/15/2019, 2:27 PM



Assuming you have set the track up for MIDI REC correctly, check your sound settings in the Program settings, Audio/MIDI tab - you may need to change the Audio playback settings.

Try the various options ie Wave driver, Direct Sound, Magix low latency, WASAPI - and try the instruments after each change.

I cannot be more specific on which will work because we do not what sound card you are using and whether it is internal or external.

If none of the above work try installing ASIO4All and use this driver in the playback settings.


John EB




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