Music Maker - Problem Maker

Cicil-Fonseka wrote on 6/29/2020, 6:41 AM

Since I bought and installed Music Maker, I have encountered problems. Ignoring the frequent crashes at random, now it has locked several instruments I have already purchased. I have installed Samplitude, Magix provided and probably the Instruments went there without my knowledge. I uninstalled Samplitude, but still purchased instruments are locked in Music Maker. Won't let me download the missing instruments again without paying for them for the second time.

I refreshed the resources and now I have lost the sound. Read forum and other information and reset the drivers without a resolution. I have contacted support and still waiting for a resolution. At one stage Music Maker switched back to the Trial version and gave me only 8 tracks. A lot of effort to bring it back to the non-trial version just to lose the sound.

Looks like Magix has released a product to the market before the product is stable.

Please help with the sound.

Please help with the locked instruments.

I have Windows 10, PC with AMD 9 Processor, 32GB Ram, and plenty of Hard disk space.


emmrecs wrote on 6/29/2020, 8:57 AM


Welcome to the Magix forums.

The missing instruments and other problems: have you yet tried the possible solution of logging out of the store, closing the app, re-opening the app and logging back in?


Win 10 Pro 64 bit, Intel i7 Quad Core 6700K @ 4GHz, 32 GB RAM, AMD Radeon R7 360 and Intel HD530 Graphics, MOTU 8-Pre f/w audio interface, VPX, MEP, Music Maker, Photo Story Deluxe, Photo Manager Deluxe, Xara 3D Maker 7, Reaper, Adobe Audition CS6 and CC, 2 x Canon HG10 cameras, 1 x Canon EOS 600D

Cicil-Fonseka wrote on 6/29/2020, 4:05 PM

Hi Jeff,

Yes I have logged out and logged in many times before. Since you asked I logged out of the store, closed the app, re-opened the app, and logged back in. Instruments are still locked.