Music Maker update

ralftaro wrote on 11/23/2022, 3:50 AM

Hi all,

Music Maker update went live yesterday. Please find below the official patch notes.

Changes in patch compared to

  • Technical modifications for compatibility with Windows 11
  • Crash fixes and bug fixes:
    • Fixed graphics error that occurred when resizing BeatBox
    • Fixed loop table column width in the Loop Manager
    • Instruments correctly display as "New" again
    • Fixed crash that occurred when deleting Soundpools
    • The video export process can now be canceled again
    • Objects snap correctly to play cursor again
    • Improvements to stability
    • Minor improvements to start screen
  • Preview now possible in Templates tab for audio effects and visuals
  • Print Studio can be opened from menu item

As always, the patch will be deployed via the program's automatic update function, which you can also trigger via the "Update program online" option in the "Help" menu. (In more current product generations, this will take you to the start dialogue to trigger the patch download.)  Please keep in mind that, under the current Music Maker product concept, you'll be able to patch your way up to the current product generation and revision from any version starting in generation 25.x of the software.



SP. wrote on 11/23/2022, 11:45 AM

@ralftaro Is the bug fixed which collapses the loop area into a single point?  It's been happening for years and it shows up regularly here in the forum, several times a month.

ralftaro wrote on 11/25/2022, 2:02 AM

Hi SP,

I believe I understand what problem you're referring to, which is when the start and end markers of the loop range above the Music Maker timeline seem to overlap, and it seems like there's no way to separate them again, other than using the option to optimise the view for the arranger.

I don't think this update is going to have any impact on that issue. We are aware of the occurrence of this problem and therefore invested some extra time into its analysis recently, based on a sample project I had obtained from a user. What we did find out is that, at least in the specific examples, the two markers aren't technically speaking overlapping, but one of them is completely gone. Unfortunately, this still didn't put us in the position to fully understand what causes this issue and how to prevent it on the end of Music Maker. We will need to be able to replicate this problem in order to prevent it. So, if anybody is able to instruct us on how to replicate the issue, we'd be more than happy to receive this information via our support team.



Cloudglow wrote on 11/29/2022, 3:54 AM

MIDI recording problem, in short Drumazon MIDI notes appear in newly created MIDI track. The video explains it. Only muting the drum track helps.

Cloudglow wrote on 12/1/2022, 1:44 PM

Here's some bugs I've encountered while fighting (yes! I'm frustrated:) with Music Maker. I hope there would be some fixes at some point. Below the bugs are some of my suggestions which no one asked to possibly make the software better.

- MMM installer creates by default a folder called Magix Projects, problem with that is that it's case sensitive meaning that if a user has renamed his existing folder as capital letters, the installer doesn't recognise it and creates another folder with the same name in same folder. Needless to say no software should behave like this.

- Memory leak(s), which can cause the software to shutdown and report out of memory warning to user.

- Shortcut keys don't work properly or at all in midi editor, for example, when pressing Ctrl+1 for selection tool in midi editor, usually it doesn't work while the MIDI editor window is active window, or selects "move" mode in arranger. Another example: Sometimes when pressing Ctrl-A to select all midi notes, MMM selects all samples in arranger.

- Sometimes MIDI editor has magnifying glass tool active when opening it and that can't be changed to different tool. Only restarting Windows helps.

- Sometimes note velocities section of the MIDI editor sheet with notes is empty, so no sounds' volumes can be changed.

- Sometimes note velocities don't affect the volume of the sounds at all.

- Sometimes placed midi notes don't play correctly, or at all, then only replacing the note makes it to play normally.

- Sometimes when right-clicking a midi "sample" with midi notes in arranger and opening MIDI editor results midi editor to not show the existing notes at all.

- The "Arrow keys move playback marker" feature doesn't seem to do anything.

- Rewind feature doesn't work with the majority of the samples. it should reverse the sample, but it just clears the whole sample.

- Unable to change templates/sounds in MM keyboard with its arrow keys.

Just some suggestions...

- While playing composition in arranger and previewing samples, MM places the preview sample randomly in any track it desires, including tracks which already have samples placed. If there are samples already placed that may cause the preview sample not to play fully because there may be another sample blocking it making the whole feature useless. Users need to have an option to define to what track the preview sample goes.

- Unable to choose to which track created text to speech sample goes, Music Maker just places it in the middle after other samples, which obviosly is the wrong place always. Again users need to have an option to decide where the sample goes, at least it could go where the play marker is.

- The loop range bar isn't very user friendly, it's very hard to resize it to 2,4,8... instead it gives figures like 2.1, 16.3 and so on. Well, no one wants to loop 8.3 bars... oh and "16 bars? Almost 16 bars? Loop ranger snapping to 2,4,8... or 1,2,3... would be correct behaviour IMO.

- Sample snapping gets disabled at certain point when zooming in project. That makes it very hard to place samples at correct positions, when you need to be zoomed in to place them. Why disable snapping? For precise positioning one could use ALT as in MIDI editor.

- For "Rewind" term used for reversing a sample I'd suggest "Reverse" as the new name.

- GUI rework so it wouldn't be so laggy, slow to response. Software behaves like there would be no graphic card drivers at all.

- In soundpools section, searcihng samples with keyword only searches the currect 'active' soundpool. It would be more efficient if it searched all the soundpools, or it could be an option; for example 'search current soundpool' & 'search all soundpools'. At current state user action is needed to manually change the soundpool for searching also other soundpools, so it might take awhile to go thru possibly tens of soundpools.

jcsatujp wrote on 12/4/2022, 10:58 AM

I have just updated to but now the credit I had has gone! 😮.
I was due a collection and several sound pools.

Do you know how I can rectify this?

jcsatujp wrote on 12/4/2022, 11:12 AM

I have just updated to but now the credit I had has gone! 😮.
I was due a collection and several sound pools.

Do you know how I can rectify this?

I have solved this (I hope)

I logged out of the program and then logged back in. That appears to have "remembered" my credit once more.

ralftaro wrote on 12/5/2022, 4:28 AM

I have just updated to but now the credit I had has gone! 😮.
I was due a collection and several sound pools.

Do you know how I can rectify this?

I have solved this (I hope)

I logged out of the program and then logged back in. That appears to have "remembered" my credit once more.

Hi there,

Sorry for the hassle. Makes perfect sense, though. Sometimes, the correct number of the soundpool credits (or generally the purchase status of items) is not picked up correctly by the program, due to a little hiccup in the locally cached store data. Forcing the program to reset/clean up the store cache and refresh the correct information from your user account on the server will do the trick. Logging out of the in-app store and logging back in also accomplishes exactly the same thing.

Enjoy using Music Maker!