Music Playback problem

beagle3 wrote on 3/13/2011, 12:04 AM

I have Music Studio 12 Delux. When I try to play back a recording, the cursor moves for only 1 second and then stops. The yellow topped marker stays stationary and the blue cursor moves for the 1 second. I have been using this program for some time and still am struggling as I'm a thick head when it comes to computers etc. But I've searched for ages trying to find what stupid thing I've done here to cause this but I now give up. Please help.

Thanks for the suggestion Nihon94.

I couldn't reinstall the program as I've changed Windows version since first loading Magix to my computer. Am seeking some outside help to get that sorted. Thanks again for your input.


nihon94 wrote on 3/13/2011, 12:29 AM



I am a Music maker user I am not aware of your softwarer,

but I think you got two options.

1. Re install your software, before that save all projects, presets etc.

2. Re-set to default settings if it is possible.