john-auvil wrote on 1/5/2012, 10:31 AM

No, Music Studio 12 is unfortunately outdated and will not work in a 64 bit OS like Windows 7 or Vista 64.


joeobryan wrote on 5/16/2012, 2:20 PM


I haven't resolved all the differences, just yet, but I can tell you, I have a friend running Studio 12 on a 64-bit Windows7 desktop machine.  It's got one of the ultimate Sound Blaster cards in it.  Don't know what model. 

He tells me he got no warnings or notices when he installed Magix Studio 12...and it works on his system...with that deluxe soundcard.  He hasn't tested true MIDI output to a synth.


I've got no luck.  I installed Studio 12 on my Toshiba laptop with the integrated sound chip and the installation crapped out early, telling me that this software was incompatible with my operating system...and it's the same operating system as his, so, I don't know what's going on.

I "upgraded" to MusicMaker Premium...but it's not half the piece of software that Studio 12 was.

When I know more, I'll be back.


john-auvil wrote on 5/22/2012, 7:56 AM

There is a large difference between the Music Studio and the Music Maker, that is for sure, both have their uses but one is for the recording, editing while the other is more for the production and arranging of samples.

I have a Vista 64, and a Windows 7 64 bit OS in my two primary systems. Neither will run the software completely and from my understanding it has to do with the architecture of the OS. Magixchanged the name of the Music Studio program to match that of its Pro Audio line of recording software... Samplitude. For a few releases the program was called Samplitude Music Studio, but then became the Samplitude Producer.

I have the Magix Samplitude Producer 11.5 and it operates in the 64 bit environment with no issues at all.

afurlan6056 wrote on 12/2/2013, 12:58 PM

I had the same problem.  Try to install by right clicking on "setup_e" inside the installation disc.  Click "Properties" and use compatibility mode.  I used Windows XP mode.  

A440qe2 wrote on 3/1/2019, 8:20 AM

Same problem here with Windows 10, but couldn't access compatibility mode with right click on "set-up_e" I was able to install successfully by right clicking "start" icon and then clicking on "troubleshoot compatibility" --the troubleshooter dialogue proposed a "Vista" solution which did the trick