LOWKYST wrote on 9/16/2008, 9:00 AM
You won't be able to do smooth mixing, unless you know the key of the track and tempo. These are 2 fundamental things in mixing tracks together and even in remixing. 2 applications to look into are "Mixed in Key", used by pro DJ's to find key and tempo of any wav and MP3 file. It is an extremely useful tool.
I think it sells at about $60.00cdn.

Second thing, you should try Native Instruments Beatport Sync.
It's a free DJ program that works with your wav and MP3 files.
Has a cross fader between to decks and you can sync the tracks in the playlist.
You can find it at 

You'll find it tricky doing what you want in MMM12D, but not impossible.
Key and tempo of the tracks are the secret.

Cheers! and all the best with the mixing. Hope this helps.
BabaSikander wrote on 9/16/2008, 10:02 AM
Mr. Wasabi,

So, you intend to mix like in the niteclubs...

First, you wont mix like in the niteclubs with this software. That kind of live mixing is not supported in MuMa. For this, purchase the MP3 Maker with its DJ Mixing Console or NI Traktor, which solely purpose is mixing MP3s...

What you can do with MuMa is a pre-recorded mix - not a live mix. For this, just import MP3s by dragging them into the timeline and let them overlap a little. If you make use of the BPM detection tool, you can even timestretch all the songs to one tempo, enabling you to precisely dub the tracks...