Need Help To Re-Validate My License

Anthony-Epperson wrote on 6/19/2020, 4:26 AM

I am not familiar with this type of forum, so I hope I am posting this in the right place. If not, please direct me as to where I should be posting. I had posted this message before but apparently in the wrong area (an accident) and the response I got from another user was as rude and mean as can be.

My MAGIX Audio & Music Lab 2014 Premium program is saying my license needs to be verified again (within 4 days) but every time I try to do that, it says it "cannot save the unlock key to the hard drive" and that the program cannot be used until the license is verified.  I use this program all the time and I love it.  All my music files stem from this program.  

Can someone kindly help me re-confirm my license (I have the license #, it just keeps saying it can't save the validation to my hard drive). I've had to re-confirm my license number many times over the years and never had this problem before. I am hoping someone can tell me how to re-confirm my license so I can continue to use this great program. 

Also, is there a way to call MAGIX USA? They seem to be hiding from their own customers. Very odd.


emmrecs wrote on 6/19/2020, 4:51 AM


Thank you for reposting this to the correct area! (I might take some considerable exception to your description of me as being as rude and mean as can be but I will ignore it and treat it as you having the right to express an opinion!)

As I wrote in my previous response to you, these are user to user forums, not a contact for Magix Support (and no, there is no telephone number you can call. All Magix Support is via the link I gave you previously to create a Support ticket.) All posters here, including moderators like myself, are NOT Magix employees but simply fellow-users. We have no access to any registration data.

One other thought: the fact that the error message says it cannot save the validation data to (your) hard drive may suggest this is a problem caused by Windows 10 "Protected Folders". Do you have this turned on?

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Anthony-Epperson wrote on 6/19/2020, 5:00 AM

I will look tomorrow and see if Protected Folders' is turned on -- thank you for that information. I do know this is a user to user forum -- I have my License Number for the program and do not need anyone to look it up. As you suggested, I also sent a support request to Magic Sales (the link you provided) -- and, again, I sincerely appreciate your help. Kindest regards.