Need help with a disappearing panel

mary-o wrote on 10/17/2022, 2:06 PM

I had been away from my studio for several days. When I opened a new window to record on Sound Forge 16, The whole panel on the left side with all the commands just disappeared. I am sure it was operator error. It had a big record button and other buttons...I could stack them vertically or bunch them up. I tried to research the setting to get them back, but I am stumped. Can someone help? Many thanks!


SP. wrote on 10/17/2022, 2:36 PM

@mary-o Are you talking about the window that appears if you click on the menu View > Instant Actions?

mary-o wrote on 10/17/2022, 2:42 PM

Yes...That's it. I was able to make them appear, but now I need to have them appear on the left side of the work window. How can I modify that?

mary-o wrote on 10/17/2022, 2:45 PM

Check that..,. I messed with the layout button and got it to where I needed it to be. many thanks for your help.