Need help with Importing from Music Maker Jam for Android to PC

David-v00d00 wrote on 8/24/2019, 2:01 PM

I am looking for help with importing projects i have done on my phone in Music Maker Jam for Android into Music Maker 28 for PC. I have found a few places that says how to do it but for me i get an message saying that the file i am trying to import is corrupt. Can anyone help me with this? I already have the projects exported on my phone.


emmrecs wrote on 8/24/2019, 4:08 PM


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I suspect this is the sort of question that needs to be referred to the dedicated MM Jam support area. Please see this post for full details.

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David-v00d00 wrote on 8/24/2019, 10:25 PM

I went there and support pretty much doesn't exist. I have already exported my files on MM Jam. Its the main Music Maker PC software that says the files are corrupted.

PJE wrote on 9/11/2019, 8:27 AM

I too am having the same issues, tried numerous files. I have recently upgraded to the latest version of Music Maker on my PC - - thought it may have fixed the issue, but NOPE.

Before I upgraded to the 2019? Version - it worked fine.

Issue appears to be with NEW Music Maker JAM songs I have exported from Android. I just tried a song I exported a few months back and it appears to work fine????

Not sure if it is the Software on my Android that is Exporting a Faulty file OR the PC App that cant read it?



Notmi wrote on 9/16/2019, 7:19 PM

Same problem here! Seems like when they updated MMM, they broke the MMJ import feature.

Any chance someone from support will get off thier b*** and figure this out?

ralftaro wrote on 10/21/2019, 5:38 AM

Hi there,

Have you actually raised a support ticket and contacted anyone at MAGIX about this? Because, if you did, you would have certainly received a response, which would have said something along these lines:

Realistically speaking, the Music Maker Jam project import feature hasn't received any development or QA attention in a long time. Music Maker Jam is no longer a MAGIX product, and the priority to MAGIX Music Maker product management for this to work is probably pretty low. I'm not surprised if it's not working properly right now, and I doubt it will receive any attention in the future, other than possibly being removed completely. From what I can see, I no longer see this being promoted as a prominent Music Maker feature. I understand that's possibly disappointing to someone that was still using both software products in conjunction with one another, but there's little we can do for you at the moment. (Music Maker Jam and its project format are also still under constant development. So, there would be a constant need to keep up with that in MAGIX Music Maker, which simply isn't how Music Maker development resources can be used at the moment.) We hope for your understanding.