New Patch(es) for MEP2015

Scenestealer wrote on 9/26/2014, 4:08 PM


German members report new patches are available for 2015. Thanks to Marion 51. Not sure an English version is out yet as I do not have the version installed.

Changes as below:-

Major changes from version

* FIX: image stabilization may not correctly saved in the project
* Improvements to movie templates for material with non-standard aspect ratios
* Handling improvements movie templates
* minor bug fixes in the exports
* Various text and language adjustments

* Fix against disappearance of thumbnails from source in memory card import dialog
* Stabilization when playing projects with images

* DirectSound playback issues

* minor problems in the application of Aperture fixed

Ogg files with thumbnails in metadata support

Major changes from version

* Stabilization DVD export, movie templates, storyboard editing
* User interface language customizations
* Improvement of the musical adaptation of cutting
* Improved "AVCHD import"
* "Vimeo Upload" displays inappropriate error messages


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